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Cementitious Materials
Mix Design
Quality Control

Surface Textures

            There is a variety of ways to give surface textures to the concrete. One way is to use a brush or broom finish, which is applied when the water sheen is roughly disappeared. The corrugations shall be applied transversely across the concrete and should not exceed 1/16 of an inch.

            The burlap drag finish should be at least 15 ounces per square yard and the corrugations should not exceed 1/16 of an inch. A heavy build of grout on the burlap threads produces the desired striations on the pavement surface.

            Once the concrete is hardened, it is sometimes necessary to saw-cut grooves to provide added traction. The grooves should be inch wide by inch deep and 1 inch center to center. The grooves, if placed, should continue down the entire runway. This provides uniformity and allows the pilots to not need to compensate for the change. For all alignment tolerances, please see the link to AC 150/5370-10A section 501-4.13 provided on the links page.

            After the concrete is set, each lot should be divided into four separate sub-lots and core samples should be taken. The sample locations will be specified by the site engineer in accordance with ASTM D 3665. Core holes will then be re-filled using a non-shrink grout within one day after sampling.