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The following links cover a variety of information including concrete in general, concrete used in parking lots, land development, and drainage considerations

American Concrete Institute

This website describes background information about ACI International, lists ACI events, and other information on concrete in general.  ACI has produced more than 400 technical documents, reports, guides, specifications, and codes for the best use of concrete.

American Concrete Pavement Association

This website includes technology in the area of pavements, and links to other associated sites.

American Public Works Association

This website describes about what the APWA is, and provides a forum in which public works professionals can exchange ideas and advances in this area.  It also discusses different techniques used in the area of land development.

Kara Construction

This is a website for a construction company that has specialized in the area of pervious pavement.

Land Development Today

This website discusses recent technologies, trends, project and business management strategies, and regulatory issues in the field of land development.

Parking Lot Planet

This website provides a learning forum about the business of parking lot construction , and ways to improve the quality, efficiency, and profitability of work.