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Concrete is a vital element in a sanitary sewer system.  It can be used in the sewer pipes that transport the waste to the treatment plant, manholes within the sewer system, in the wastewater treatment plant itself (i.e. primary settling tank, secondary settling tank, activated sludge tank, etc.), and various other uses. 

Listed below is a breakdown of the key environmental sections of this project. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant Schematic

  • This section describes a basic introduction to how wastewater is collected, treated, and then released.

Composition of Wastewater

  • This section describes the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of wastewater.  This will help give an understanding to why specific types of concrete are used with wastewater treatment. 

Concrete in Sanitary Sewer Systems

  • This section describes the types of concrete used in sanitary sewer systems; specifically concrete that is resistant to sulfate attack. 


  • This section lists the sources used to help in the construction of this section of the web page.